The Ideas

The Creative Space (TCS) is a new generation coworking environment that gives freelancers, startups and micro-businesses the opportunity to work and collaborate in a creative atmosphere. It is an inspirational and friendly home for the entrepreneur who needs an office as well as a community to meet and work with. The first of its kind in Simcoe County, the work environment takes away the isolation of home offices or the typical office cubicle and in return, inspires idea development and project collaboration.

While other multi-tenant serviced offices exist in Simcoe County, The Creative Space is uniquely dedicated to all aspects of the Creative Industry from Architects to Journalists to Fine Arts. In addition, each tenant must be a dedicated, productive member of the community and consistently demonstrate a propensity towards positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Simply, it’s about life. We all love our FB, WP, Wiki, Twitter, etc means of connecting, collaborating, learning and relating online. Virtual networking and socializing is great to a point. What we really need is to see that happen in real life. And for us, that’s about seeing it happen in and around arts and culture. The idea is to prepare a place where people can RELATE, COLLABORATE and CREATE. A physical space where creative minds and hearts find the energy, resources and support to see ideas turn into life changing work.

The Creative Space is located in beautiful downtown Barrie Ontario Canada

Drop us a line if you’re interested in joining the co-work revolution fill out the online application.

(Adapted from “The Hub” a similar vision taking off around the world)
Space: A space that is different every time you walk in. Individuals and start-ups need creative and inspiring places to work. The Creative Space (TCS) will offer a flexible and practical space where the things you need everyday are right at your fingertips, be that a coffee mug, a boardroom, or a printer. It’s not your typical office, there are no static spaces, and the number of people working around you changes daily.

People: Facebook in the real world. Small operations with big ambitions never have all the talent they need in house. It is the unexpected conversations that lead us to new knowledge, new partnerships, and allow us to expand or change direction. With a light touch, a skilled team of hosts will attract a diverse membership and make important connections between people. Like facebook, TCS is a social network, unlike facebook you bump into your friends in person at TCS and you can hire each other to build your website, design your logo or a draft a contract.

Technology: the things you need everyday. At TCS you get reliable access to information technology and equipment (print, copy, fax, wireless, digital storage). Economy of scale enables us to have the best, fastest, and greenest technologies available at a great price. Through a software platform, members will be virtually connected to TCS members in Barrie and across the world, with the ability to collaborate and network virtually. This will open up opportunities both locally and abroad.

Relationships: they are everything TCS will be a place where you meet new people and get to know who they are and what they do. It is a place to build the networks of relationships and trust needed to make your ideas happen and to open doors. Barrie is becoming a very interconnected city and with the right social capital, a good idea can create a groundswell and start a movement. TCS is a place for movers and shakers to connect and synergize. Welcome to TCS community.

Ideas: pipeline to the world Barrie is poised to become a thriving beacon of opportunity. TCS approach will get international recognition for its unique and innovative model of workspace and social entrepreneurship. In cities across the world these types of work spaces are attracting a diverse mix of some of the brightest global innovators. These people are pioneering new solutions in energy efficiency, new media, fashion, architecture and beyond. Being a member of TCS in Barrie will allow us to exchange world-changing ideas with people around the globe.