Rhubarb Media

Chad Ballantyne


Rhubarb Media Helps…

…express your story

Rhubarb Media helps your organization do great things by creatively expressing your story through care and collaboration. And we have fun along the way. There’s always a good story behind every good product, message, and service. Your story is what connects you with your audience. It’s what builds awareness of your cause, gets you the support you need, and sells your offering to your customers. With our team of artists and engineers, Rhubarb Media will help you express your story. Our artists will work with you to creatively tell it while our engineers will make sure it’s delivered well and on time. Because a good story well told means success.

…you be heard and understood

We know that different clients have different needs — and we’re ready for that. Our experience with businesses big and small, non-profits well-funded and grassroots, and public sector clients has taught us to adaptively tailor our process and offerings. That way we take care to ensure everyone gets exactly what they need.

…care for you — personally

We care deeply about our clients because we know that the effects of our work go beyond the project. It impacts your company’s well-being and we want you to be able to live well and be stress-free. That’s why we’re always looking for new and better ways to treat our clients right.

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Creative Content Services


Logo Marks, Branding Guides, Business Packages, Social Media Identity


Responsive Web Design, Custom CMS, Mobile Web Apps, Assisted IT, Email Management, Domain Management, Social Media Setup


Sales Folders, Banners, Brochures, Reports, Billboards/Signs, Car Wraps, etc.


Event branding, Marketing Collateral, Website Design, Stage Design, Signage, Sponsorship Pitch Decks, Emceeing, etc.

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We love the cool combination of the woods and earthy/woodsy space – and the community here is the best!