As a new entrepreneur, getting plugged into the community at The Creative Space was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made. Beyond the business connections, and the opportunities that they make possible, The Creative Space presents an intangible value for any aspiring or active entrepreneur that helped to shape nurture and grow our company in ways I never imagined possible! The measure of impact that The Creative Space has had on the entrepreneurial landscape goes beyond counting startups that can trace their roots back there, the companies that continue to call it home, or the numerous ways they’ve been involved in or hosted community initiatives. It organically weaves entrepreneurs and business owners together, fostering camaraderie, understanding, and selfless support that you tirelessly volunteer to make possible.

Liam Squires

Founder, CEO, Tandempark

My business, which has employed a few dozen people since launching, would not look the same without The Creative Space. The early mentoring and business connections that came as a direct investment of Chad and Sandra Ballantyne and the TCS family have allowed us to grow and subsequently mentor and groom other business owners, including three people who worked for us and then started their own businesses. Barrie needs to invest into what’s working and that is The Creative Space.”

Andrew Sorlie

Creative Director, Stature Films

We don’t have enough space to write about how much support The Creative Space has given us. It’s truly been a blessing and without Chad and Sandra guiding this mission, none of it would be possible. Please understand that in any business, if you don’t submerge yourself in the community, than you will simply be tackling every problem on your own. Sound easy? We are proof- a year and a half of proof, that doing it on your own is 1000x harder and less efficient than when you seek the help of experts who have the answers to most, if not all of your problems!”  GetWyred.

Cole Rowden

Founder, GetWyred

I came to The Creative Space after a few years of struggling to build my business on my own and was immediately embraced by a collective of creative, marketing and business thinkers. After immersing myself in the environment, building my business was much easier and the relationships I built were an amazing cornerstone to what my business has become. Chad and his wife Sandra are always willing to do anything in their power to make TCS better and more empowering for everyone. They really care on a very genuine level and The Creative Space is a realization of those qualities.

Thain Lurk

Creative Director, Thain Creative

“The Creative Space in Barrie has been and continues to be a source for finding entrepreneurs and small business who support me as an author. Becoming a member of The Creative Space gave a place to work and a community of entrepreneurs and business I could network with. 
I hired two member businesses of The Creative Space; Rhubarb Media who created my brand and web site. Catalyst Communication Choreography put together an amazing public relations campaign to promote my book and business.
This was a perfect place for me to start a business. Whatever your needs are starting out such as work space, a desk, meeting room, internet, tech support, social media, marketing and networking consider The Creative Space.”
James Harvey, Consultant

James Harvey

Owner, James S Harvey

“When I was considering relocating to Barrie in 2012 from Waterloo, I undertook a considerable amount of research to ensure the city would be a suitable soft landing for my tech start-up. It was a visit to The Creative Space that introduced me to Barrie’s burgeoning start-up culture and influenced my decision to make the city my new home.”

Marcia Woods

Founder, CEO, FreshSpoke

“Winning smOffice 2015 played a huge role in accelerating my business and I couldn’t be more grateful for such an amazing opportunity. Through smOffice I was connected with all the right people and several resources that have been absolutely essential to getting Chickapea off the ground. I’ve been embraced by the local business community and I’d like the next smOffice winner to benefit as much as I have.” – Shelby Taylor, Chickapea Pasta

Shelby taylor

Founder, CEO, Chickapea Pasta